Samsung opens $3.5b wafer plant in US

Samsung announced the opening of the largest 300mm NAND flash memory wafer plant in Austin, Texas, a Wireless News report said.

The Wireless News report said the 1.6-million-square-foot building, as large as nine football fields and one of the largest buildings in Austin, is one of the largest single semiconductor facilities in the US.

The first product of the new plant will be 16Gb NAND flash chips using 50-nanometer level process technology, the report said.

The $3.5 billion facility will initiate operation in the second half of 2007 and ramp up to produce 60,000 wafers per month by 2008, the report said.

The plant will manufacture NAND flash memory chips, which are widely used in a host of consumer-related products, such as MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, and other mobile devices, the report said.

Samsung has committed to an investment of $3.5 billion for the project, making it the largest single foreign investment in Texas and one of the largest in the US, the report said.

Previously, the largest foreign investment in Texas was the existing Samsung memory plant, which cost about $1.4 billion in 1996, the report further said.