Sat-based business continuity solution

Loral Skynet is using Allot Communications' NetEnforcer AC-400 bandwidth management device to help businesses safeguard critical information and network performance in the event of natural disasters or everyday outages.


The company is using the NetEnforcer AC-400 for its SkyReach Ensure solution, a business continuity suite that allows business, government agency and service provider customers to decrease the potential for network downtime.


Through a network of geosynchronous satellites and high-speed terrestrial fiber, Loral Skynet transports high-quality data, voice and video content for television programming, telephony, business communications, high-quality audio, broadband and Internet connectivity. In the event of a ground disaster, Loral Skynet can transfer IP-data traffic to its satellite connections, without compromising network performance, according to the company.


Loral Skynet manages network traffic for more than 400 companies. As part of its offering, it guarantees that any contingency network will be sized to meet the bandwidth that customers need, when they need it.