Satcom sector collaborate to promote the industry in Nigeria

June 30, 2006

Following the success of the first GVF West Africa Satellite Communications Summit, a satellite communications summit dedicated to the deployment of satellite and satellite hybrid-based communications solutions across the region of West Africa will take place in Nigeria on Nov. 7-9.

In collaboration with the Nigerian Communication Satellite Program and the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency, the summit will examine key trends in the policy and regulatory arena within individual national administrations, and across the administrations that collaborate and coordinate within the West African Telecommunications Regulators Assembly.

Sessions will include an examination of the liberalization of satellite service markets; an analysis of the VoIP-over-satellite application; an evaluation of the satellite communications marketplace in terms of service profitability and state-of-the-art technologies; and an appraisal of the application of satellite communications to the connectivity needs of the public and private sectors.

The program will also cover West Africa's broadband satellite roadmap, satellite networking for socio-economic development, deploying IP applications over satellite, enhancing energy sector competitiveness via oil and gas satellite communications, seamless networking in the satellite operator services market, satellite hybrids, Africa's evolving regulatory environment, and the use of satellites in the banking sector.