Secure authentication for mobile internet services

Security is now a major issue for consumers when selecting applications and services across the board – from video and photo sharing, to messaging and business apps.
Indeed, according to a poll by ThreatMetrix and the Ponemon Institute, 85% of consumers are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the level of protection online businesses are providing to stop fraudsters.
The question is whether current levels of protection are capable of securing today and tomorrow’s mobile devices and applications – and the message seems to be ‘no’.
This white paper looks in detail at the issue of mobile internet security, analyze existing authentication methods, and ask whether it is time for the widespread adoption of the Secure Element by the mobile community.
And with these new enabling devices have come a myriad of applications for which security is paramount – from mobile wallet and NFC payment through to the growth in mobile healthcare applications. But it isn’t just these ‘usual suspect’ applications that are causing concern.