Security drives demand for M2M modules

Shipments of wireless M2M modules for security applications in Europe will grow by almost 20 million units over the next four years, as more insurance companies insist customers install wireless trackers and alarms.
Swedish analyst firm Berg Insight forecasts shipments of M2M security modules will grow from 2.3 million in 2009 to 22.million by 2014, as the number of remotely-monitored alarm and tracking systems sold grows from 10 million in 2009 to 34 million in 2014.
Most of the alarm and trackers will be installed in cars and commercial vehicles, and combine GPS with GSM/GPRS to enable remote operators to track a vehicle’s location. UK alarm company Acumen explains that GPS alone is not effective, as the signal can be blocked if the vehicle is parked in a garage or dense urban environment.
Insurance companies increasingly require customers to install a tracker, particularly in high-value vehicles, Berg senior analyst Andre Malm states. Growth in module shipments will also be driven by Europe’s eCall initiative – an E911-style program that aims to install GSM/GPRS in all cars to allow automatic emergency calls to be made in the event of an accident, Malm notes.
The analyst firm believes sales of residential systems will increase over the same period, predicting some four million such systems will be connected to Europe’s wireless networks by 2014.