Siemens "

Siemens"˜ top management is too German for its own good, as well as too white and male, according to its chief executive, Austrian-born Peter Löscher.

He is quoted in an interview in the Financial Times saying that the priority for his second year in charge would be to improve the "global diversity" of managers and warned that Germany's competitiveness could be threatened if it failed to do so.

He added, "The management board are all white males. Our top 600 managers are predominantly white German males. We are too one-dimensional."

In fact, Siemens has a number of foreigners on its management board. Aside from Löscher is Austrian and two of the remaining seven members are American. The other five are German. However, of its 15 divisional heads, 11 are German, although more than 80% of its revenues come from outside Germany.