SKT debuts first Android smartphone

SK Telecom has launched its first Android-powered device, the MotoRoi from US vendor Motorola.
"The MotoRoi is a different model from the Droid [Motorola's Android smartphone in the US] and it will be launched in the United States around March," Bae Joon-dong, SKT’s senior VP is quoted as saying.
The full touch-screen, 3.7-inch device features an eight mega pixel camera with Xenon flash and a 720p HD camcorder, 8GB of storage, HDMI capabilities and has Wi-Fi capability.
It also provides access to T-DMB services as well as 18,000 applications, including Google Maps and Gmail.
While the MotoRoi costs about 900,000 won (€556), Bae indicated that SKT intends to heavily subsidize the new device.
SKT is already substantially subsidizing Samsung's Omnia2 smartphone in order to make it more attractive in the wake of the launch of the iPhone 3GS by rival KT in late-October.
KT is offering the 32GB iPhone 3GS for 132,000 won to customers on 24-month contracts, while SKT has culled the price of the Omina2 from $900 to just $300.
SKT plans to launch 15 smartphones in 2010, of which 12-13 will include the Android OS, said Bae.
The MotoRoi is using Android 2.0.