SKT to spend $900m on apps platform

Korea's SK Telecom has earmarked up to 1 trillion won ($896m) to build a mobile apps platform to challenge Google and Apple.
The company said it intends to turn the planned “service platform” into one of its core businesses, focusing on the US, China and southeast Asia. 
It said it would begin by transform its existing T Map, T Store and text messaging services into platforms, exposing the APIs and base technologies to developers for the first time in a bid to promote openness.
In an interview with, Jung said that the ultimate goal was to “eventually compete against Google, Apple and Nokia in the operating system area” through the creation of a mobile OS co-developed by multiple operators, he said. 
The OS would be based on Linux, and follow a similar model to the open-source Android, the Korea Times said.
The move is also seen as a way to finally break out of the stagnating domestic market and expand internationally – the company said it will seek to establish the business both domestically and in China, Southeast Asia and the US.