Smartphone problems leave most unhappy

Most smartphone users are disappointed with the performance of their device, because of software bugs and other glitches, a survey has shown.
Some 57% of users surveyed by device testing firm Fanfare said they were dissatisfied with the overall performance of their smartphone, with users citing problems with streaming media, web browsers and social networking apps.
A further 29% reported problems with new applications and 64% said they have had to download a software patch to make their device function properly.
The bad news for handset manufacturers is that 53% of respondents said they put the blame for any problems squarely at the door of the vendors, even though problems could be caused by an individual application or originate on the mobile network.
Fanfare says the results show that the honeymoon period for smartphones and applications is over, as a more mature user-base means higher expectations of quality.
“Apps have become the driving force behind the mobile industry,” said David Gehringer, vice president of marketing at Fanfare. “But now that the novelty is wearing off, users want their applications to be more reliable.”
Ironically, smartphones also make it easier for consumers to voice their dissatisfaction. Fanfare said 58% of users quizzed said they would use social networking sites to make their views known – a major problem in a market where 76% of respondents say the opinions of friends and family is a major influence on their purchasing decision.