Smartphones are hackers' next playground

Smartphones will be increasingly be the target of hackers in 2010, according to Nasdaq-listed security firm Websense Security Labs.
“As emerging operating systems and platforms like Macs and mobile devices become more popular, they are more targeted [by hackers],” states Websense.
At the end of 2009, Websense Security Labs documented four iPhone exploits in a span of a few weeks—representing the first major attacks on the iPhone platform and the first iPhone data-stealing malware with bot functionality.
In mid-November iPhone wallpapers were changed by a hack and then UK singer Rick Astley’s image was spread as a locked wallpaper on iPhones by a worm, according to a report in Dark Reading. These incidences were reportedly followed by the release of a new iPhone hacking tool that can copy a subscriber’s email, contacts, SMSes and other data without the person being aware of the leak.
“Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, which are used increasingly for business purposes, are essentially miniature personal computers and in 2010 [they] will face the same types of attacks that target traditional computing,” adds Websense. 
“Additionally, poor security of applications on smartphones can put users’ and organizations’ data at risk. With a rapidly growing user base, business adoption and increasing use for conducting financial transactions with these devices, hackers will begin more dedicated targeting of smartphones in 2010.”