SMS still tops communication charts

SMS remains the most popular communication tool on mobile devices, beating e-mail and voice calls, a survey by Nokia shows.
The online poll found that 21.2% of mobile users prefer to send text messages, compared to 18.7% for e-mail and 17.1% voice calls. Facebook ranked fourth in the charts, with 10.3% of users picking the social network, while 8.6% of respondents still want to talk face-to-face.
Nokia’s survey also showed that users still rely on cellular communications when it comes to voice calls. VoIP market leader Skype was rated by 5.9% of those quizzed, while just 2% selected landline calls. However, the poll also shows that video calls remain a niche market, with less than 1% of consumers ticking that box.
Blogger Adam Fraser reckons SMS and e-mail remain popular because they are silent and help ensure key details aren’t missed out. But he warns that traditional pitfalls of such messaging remain – namely that the tone of the text can be misinterpreted.

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