Snapshot of world's most connected country‾

Around 68% of households in Finland had broadband connections at end-December 2008, up from 59% in 2007, according to data by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora).

Nearly 75% of internet users overall consider a 1Mbps connection sufficient, in some provinces, over 80% estimate they need a 1Mbps or faster.

Almost 11% of Finnish broadband users have a mobile broadband subscription, up from 1% in 2007, but most use both fixed and mobile broadband services.

Less than a third of households in Finland have a land line phone, but nearly everyone has a mobile, with 13% on a 3G contract.

Approximately 16% of those who bought a mobile by means other than a contract had a 3G phone, and nearly half of them said they use the internet and e-mail more than before. The use of the internet and VoIP phone calls has risen to 24% at the end of 2008 from 21% in the previous year.