Something new for 2009 - the Wristphone

Any hopes that 2009 would start in a manner more in tune with the harsh economic climate have been dashed with the announcement from LG that it will launch a 3G wristphone in Europe this year. The device will sport a 3.63cm screen used as a keypad for making calls or accessing 3G data services, and will also have a camera and speaker built in for video calls and still shots.

LG, thankfully, will also include Bluetooth that could then support a wireless head set for making and receiving calls--shouting or listening to your wrist could be misinterpreted in the majority of countries. The GD910, which includes HSPDA connectivity, has not been given a launch date or price by LG--although it will likely only appeal to those with very small fingers, or street muggers wanting to steal your cellphone and wristwatch (assuming the GD910 does tell the time) in one hit...

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