Sony Ericsson: No Android-based phone--yet

Battling to retain market share and reverse its declining fortunes, Sony Ericsson has confirmed its strong interest in developing an Android-based handset, but admitted it is not in a position to do so today. However, as an indication of the company's interest, CTO Mats Lindoff said that Android was already being tested on a number of Sony Ericsson phones.

The company, which declined Google's invitation to join the Open Handset Alliance late last year, is preparing to launch its first Windows Mobile smartphone and would appear to be one of the more likely candidates to swiftly adopt Android as a third platform.

Sony Ericsson's president, Dick Komiyama, confirmed the company was studying the Google mobile operating system and said it was something it should look at as a potential application for the future. " So today I'm not saying that we will have Android but we are certainly interested in it and we are studying it."

Outsiders believe that, given Sony Ericsson's experience with Symbian and now the Windows Mobile operating systems, its engineers would have little difficulty in bringing an Android-based handset to market within months. What might constrain the company from taking this route are cutbacks Komiyama has implemented, including a headcount reduction of 2,000 jobs.

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