Sony Ericsson to dump Mobile Windows, Xperia brand‾

Future Sony Ericsson phones launched under its new Xperia brand may not be based on Microsoft Windows, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report also said the X1, which will be the premium phone in Sony Ericsson's portfolio when it starts shipping later this month, is Sony Ericsson's first smartphone powered by Windows Mobile and was seen as boosting Microsoft's presence in the smartphone market.

But the loss-making firm was reluctant to reveal any details of future models that may be launched under the Xperia brand, of which the X1 is the first.

'The brand is not tied into any specific technical platform,' said Magnus Andersson, product manager for the X1.

Asked how much pressure Xperia was under, given Sony Ericsson's shrinking range of must-have products, Andersson said: 'I think there is a lot of hope riding on everything Sony Ericsson does.'

The X1 is Sony Ericsson's most advanced smartphone, offering fast uploads to the internet as well as fast downloads -- where suitable networks are available -- and combining a touch screen with a slide-out keyboard.

It also allows up to nine applications -- such as email, video or internet browsing -- to run simultaneously.