Sony gets into VOD via PS3

Sony Entertainment has struck a deal with the BBC to deploy the iPlayer on the PlayStation Network in the UK from September.
Under the initiative, PS3 owners will be able to stream BBC programming on their consoles via a dedicated link on the PlayStation network. Currently, gamers are only able to do this by accessing the PS3's in-built internet browser.
The alliance was announced yesterday in Germany at Game Com, where Sony also revealed that the PlayStation 3 will also come equipped with new movie streaming service.
The latest PlayStation 3 will support a true convergence play with movie rental and downloads with Sony already having secured distribution deals with other movie studios, including 20th Century Fox and Paramount.
“This is no longer just for hardcore gamers, but for everyone. We believe that everyone enjoys entertainment differently and should have the choice as to what entertainment they consume and exactly how they consume it. PlayStation is the gateway to that entertainment,” Sony Computer Entertainment chief executive Andrew House said.