Sony targets iTunes

A cloud-based music service launched by Sony yesterday signals a major push of the firm’s Qrocity content, networking division president Kazuo Hirai revealed.
Music Unlimited offers access to a catalogue of six million songs on web-capable Sony products including the PlayStation games console, TVs and PCs.
The service combines with a similar video service launched earlier this year to “empower users to easily consume content,” via one set of login and payment details, Hirai said.
Cloud access is provided by Omnifone, and while the service is initially available only in the UK and Ireland, it will be expanded to the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand during 2011.
Hirai stated the cloud set-up is a key point of differentiation from Apple’s iTunes service, reported.
However, the subscription-based model – a premium package costs £10 (€11.74) – has proven a tough sell with UK consumers, the Guardian noted.
The online services extend the revenue-generating life of Sony’s products, Hirai told, and will provide ammunition against other competitors including South Korean rival Samsung, the newspaper stated.