Special report: Top 5 academic institutions leading in 5G research

Whether it's a group of students studying remote control robotics or professors going out into the field with students to take millimetre wave measurements, dozens of academic institutions all over the world are making meaningful contributions to 5G and the future of wireless.

Given the sheer number of breakthroughs being made at these academic institutions and their level of engagement, FierceWireless:Tech decided to take a close look at the top 5G academic institutions. The result is a list of five (or six) top institutions that they think are especially worth keeping an eye on in the coming months and years.

Some of the criteria examined include participation in public comment on 5G, dedicated staff and facilities, engagement with industry, published works, ability to host workshops or conferences and overall thought leadership. The resulting line-up of groundbreaking institutions is by no means the "be-all, end-all" list. Surely there are plenty of hard-working students and faculty out there who are making significant contributions but without the means or university support to effectively communicate it. Report