Spectacular mobile growth slows

Global mobile subscriptions continued to expand rapidly in 2007, fuelled by rapid growth in China, India, and Africa. In-Stat research found that 667.6 million subcribers were added last year.

However, due to some areas approaching saturation and a relatively slow world economy, subscription growth in 2008 is expected to be much less, adding only 382.5 million.

India and China subscription numbers are growing at a fast clip, as more of the population gets their first mobile phone, and often their first phone of any kind. Most of these phones are low-end GSM devices, but some of them are starting to incorporate what were thought of as high-end features.

By 2012, yearly growth in subscribers is expected to decrease to 163 million per year, roughly twice the population increase projected in that year.

The research, 'Worldwide Cellular Subscriptions and 5-Year Forecast' (#IN0803981GW), covers the worldwide market for cellular communications subscriptions. It contains cellular subscription numbers by region and technology for 2006 and 2007, and forecasts through 2012.