SPOTLIGHT: Where next for femtocells?

Fresh analysis from France and the UK paints a positive future for 3G femtocells. According to Paris-based IDATE, while it expects limited deployment in 2008 due to standards and outstanding technical issues, these are likely to be resolved by 2009. IDATE sees this leading to 10 million UMTS femtocells being shipped in 2010, rising to 18 million in 2011.

The 2nd study, by UK-based Analysys, maintains that the demand for ubiquitous access to mobile services is making the case for femtocells. The report's author states, "The idea of femtocells is a really clever way to avoid needing to make these big 3G networks more dense to provide the necessary quality of service." For more read: More on IDATE and more on Analysys