SPOTLIGHT: Where next for the mobile industry?

The Scandinavian consultancy, Strand Consult, is never short of a few words-- often it has more than enough, and here it provides its views on where the mobile industry is headed in 2008...

Looking at the way the market is heading, mobile broadband is the thing to look out for. It will become the big thing, and a number of countries will see between 30-50 percent of all new broadband connections becoming 3G connections. This development will for some countries mean that broadband penetration will race towards the 100 percent mark--and within the next few years surpass 100 percent (mobile penetration is measured against inhabitants, broadband penetration against the number of households.) This explosion in connections will help give some telco stocks a boost as the stock market takes note of the new wave sweeping the industry. For a full report: Strand Consult

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