Study: User-generated content, P2P to dominate digital media

A quarter of all entertainment consumed by people in five years time will be created and shared within consumers' peer groups rather than from big media, a study has found. 

The Future Laboratory, who carried out the survey, backed by Nokia, says it identified the trend to 'circular entertainment' after interviewing 9,000 people from 17 countries about their digital behaviors. 

Nokia says it has constructed a global picture of what it believes entertainment will look like over the next five years.

Future Laboratory said increasingly the boundaries between on and offline worlds would blur, as would the line between commercial and creative cultures.

Of the 9,000 consumers surveyed, 46% regularly use IM, 37% on a mobile device, 35% buy music on MP3 files, 23% watch TV on mobile devices and 29% regularly blog, Nokia said.