Survey says Google, Yahoo top brands in US

Google and Yahoo are the top online brand names for US consumers, with MySpace a strong contender among young Internet users, a survey, quoted by an AFP report, said.

The AFP report quoted the survey by JupiterResearch as saying that Google was a favorite online brand for 36% of those surveyed, compared with 32% for Yahoo.

But MySpace, the fast-growing social networking site, was cited as a favorite by 32% of those in the age group of 18 to 24, the AFP report said.

Among other key online brands, Amazon was cited by 20% of those surveyed, eBay by 18%, followed by Microsoft (11%), AOL (7%) and Apple (3%).

The survey asked users to name two of their favorite online brands.

Jupiter said the survey shows users are 'brand advocates' who are loyal to a particular web site, a fact important for advertisers, the report further said.