Swantee calls for fast 4G action

EverythingEverywhere chief Olaf Swantee believes the UK must act fast to close the gap on other countries in terms of the rollout of 4G networks.
A survey conducted for the operator by YouGov found 82% of adults in the country view technologies including 4G as vital to protecting the UK’s competitive position and jobs. The survey of 2,033 people aged 18 years and over also found that 74% want to see 4G rolled out as soon as possible.
Of those, 66% believe the networks are necessary to bring the UK inline with other countries, and 45% to lift the economy and create jobs. However, 58% said they just wanted faster internet connections.
Swantee, says the survey shows the UK must deploy “a 21st century digital infrastructure as soon as possible,” to catch up with other countries that have already deployed LTE networks, and meet growing demand for “the fast and reliable broadband that 4G LTE can provide.”