Sweden appeals Assange bail

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange remains in jail despite being granted bail by a UK court yesterday.
Swedish prosecutors have appealed the decision to free Assange, fearing strict conditions laid down by the court wouldn’t stop him fleeing the country before he can be extradited on charges of sexual assault.
A fresh hearing is due to be held tomorrow to decide whether to uphold the release, which requires Assange to post bail of £200,000 (€235,379) in cash and provide further guarantees worth £40,000, the BBC reported.
Magistrates also imposed a curfew on Assange and required him to report to a local police station every evening.
The Wikileaks founder was initially denied bail after being arrested on Swedish sexual assault charges last week.
Assange maintains the charges are politically motivated, and designed to prevent Wikileaks releasing more US diplomatic cables.

The Wikileaks founder claimed his time in jail has not diminished his conviction the cables should be in the public domain, in a statement read by his mother, Deutsche Welle reported.