Swiss operators commit to net neutrality; Apple devices face specific malware threat

> Swiss operators Swisscom, upc cablecom and Orange, and network companies' association Swisscable pledged to keep the internet open. Release

> EU regulators will struggle to win any case against Ireland relating to alleged tax breaks offered to Apple and other large tech companies, the country's finance minister said. Report

> BlackBerry will focus more on returning to profitability than launching new smartphones. Article

> Apple devices are being targeted by malware developed specifically for the company's iOS software, security company Palo Alto Networks warned. Report

> Elon Musk, the owner of electric car maker Tesla, plans to invest $1 billion (€801 million) in a network of 700 satellites to plug global Internet coverage gaps. Report

And finally…Celebrities found an old-fashioned way to ensure the security of their pictures. Prints. Article

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