Swiss watchdog hands digital dividend to mobile

Switzerland's Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) followed France's example, reserving a portion of the country's Digital Dividend spectrum for mobile services.

The spectrum, which is being freed by the move from analogue to digital TV, will be in the 790-862MHz band and will be available for mobile use by 2015 at the latest.

The frequency band is particularly suitable for rolling out mobile broadband to rural areas thatcannot be served economically by fixed broadband networks and for better indoor mobile coverage. ComCom has approved the relevant modifications to Switzerland's National Frequency Allocation Plan.

France unveiled a similar plan in October announcing it will open up 72MHz of UHF spectrum in the 790-862MHz band for mobile broadband.

The French government's plan comprises 154 measures covering Internet access, mobile telephony and broadcasting that aims to provide all French citizens with access to broadband services.

The Swedish and Finnish governments have already decided to make the 790-862MHz band available for mobile applications.