Swisscom, Ad Infuse sign mobile ad deal

Ad Infuse, a provider in delivering highly personalised mobile ad experiences, announced an expansion to its relationship with Swisscom.

Swisscom will deploy Ad Infuse's adInMotion platform to integrate fully with its Vodafone live! portal, the firm in a statement said.

The deployment of adInMotion builds on the successful video advertising pilot that the two companies undertook in 2007 to encompass a broader solution including WAP and SMS advertising.

Swisscom is a telecoms provider in Switzerland with 5 million mobile customers. Ad Infuse's solution will serve all on-deck banner ads on the Swisscom Vodafone live! portal, and will enable Swisscom to roll out an ad-funded person to person SMS messaging service that will offer free text messaging to subscribers.

Through this new deployment, Swisscom will be able to launch multi-format, highly targeted on-deck advertising campaigns using the advanced management and administrative dashboards that are built into the adInMotion platform.

Campaigns will integrate with a wide variety of content and ensure that advertisers deliver a consistent and engaging message.