Swisscom goes mobile for alpine race

Swisscom is taking part in the Glacier Patrol alpine competition for the second time, providing mobile coverage along the route by contributing 400 phones for participants, organisers and course monitors, a Telecomworldwire report said.

Swisscom said it started planning the temporary mobile network for the event in the Valais Alps a year ago. It is working closely with the Glacier Patrol command, with the army providing power supply and transport and support during the set-up phase.

The Swisscom mobile network replaced the SE-125 military network in 2006 and will be monitored 24/7.

Swisscom has implemented three temporary GSM base stations for the Glacier Patrol this year, on the Dent Blanche, Barma and the Mont Fort cable car, all of which are connected to a military radio link. Repeaters are installed to route signals on the Tete Blanche, the Bertol and La Rosablanche. In addition, the two Unterrothorn sites at Arolla and Zermatt are in permanent operation, used by tourists and the local people.