Swisscom invests €10m in security research

Swisscom is backing attempts to establish Switzerland as a technology research leader with a 10 million Franc (€8.3 million) investment in the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.
The incumbent’s cash is being used to accelerate the university’s plans to establish one of the world’s leading information security research centers, and to create a knowledge sharing platform linking science with the economy. Specifically, the funds are backing new professor Adrian Perrig, who is due to join the university on December 1 to lead research into the science behind information security.
Stéphane Dufour, head of strategy and innovation at Swisscom, says the investment and research are crucial as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and mobile app usage take off. “Having the appropriate level of security in place when saving, processing and transmitting data is becoming increasingly critical,” she notes, adding that the new professorship will “reinforce Switzerland’s position as a research center and therefore make the digital world even more secure.”

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