Swisscom keeps watch on M2M

Swisscom is offering an interesting twist on machine-to-machine (M2M) technology by offering a range of wrist watches capable of automatically making emergency calls.
The firm is offering 12 models of the Limmex Emergency Watch, which uses an M2M SIM to connect to a person designated by the customer, or a dedicated emergency call center.
A basic subscription costs 25 Swiss Francs (€21) per month and allows customers to designate ten numbers that will be called in sequence when users press a button on the watch. For 45 Francs, the call is passed to a professional emergency center and includes location data.
Swisscom envisages use by people who are taking part in sport, by elderly customers, and by users who have a chronic illness who may need urgent assistance. However, customers will need deep pockets – the watches cost 745 Francs, though that does cover the first year’s subscription.