Swisscom Mobile taps Sun for enterprise solutions upgrade

Swisscom Mobile has signed a deal with software giant Sun Microsystems to upgrade the carrier's enterprise IT system.


Sun said it would provide its Java-powered Identity Management Suite, part of the Sun Java Enterprise System, to enhance the effectiveness of Swisscom's distribution and retail channels.

The solution, according to Sun, is a subscription-based infrastructure software that will reduce the complexity of Swisscom's IT infrastructure by allowing instant connection to Swisscom's CRM and POS applications.


The easier connectivity allowed service provisioning to be carried out directly at the point of sale, benefiting Swisscom Mobile's retail outlets as well as their customers, Sun said.


The Sun Java Identity Management Suite is also expected to ensure that Swisscom Mobile's retail outlets will benefit from future improvements as new services and changes in the POS system are updated and made available to the retail outlets in real-time.