Swisscom moves into web telephony

Swisscom claims its roaming subscribers can make calls for 0.09 Swiss francs (€0.07) using a new web based telephony and messaging application.
The telco claims to be the first in the country to offer a free web calling service that, combined with its existing data roaming charges, will enable the low-cost international calls. The app, named iO, enables Swisscom to tackle growing use of services including Skype and WhatsApp with its own instant messaging and image sharing capabilities, and will be available to non-Swisscom customers using an iOS or Android device.
Swisscom plans to expand iO to cover domestic fixed line and mobile calls in July. Subscribers can choose a flat rate, 15 francs per month, service offering unlimited calls to all Swiss networks, or an international service for 25 francs per month covering Europe, Canada and the US.