Swisscom rolls out mobile TV infra for UEFA

Swisscom announced the rollout of its live mobile TV services in time for the UEFA Euro 2008 league.

Mobixell Networks, a leading provider of innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions, is Swisscom's partner in the launch.

Mobixell Networks's platform will see Swisscom deliver the highest quality live video and audio streaming possible with low bandwidth conditions (GPRS) to its customers.

Mobixell's Mobile Webcast solution performs real-time adaptation, so that irrespective of the handset device being used or variable wireless network conditions, the user experience is always optimised.

In addition to providing continuous streaming, despite network or reception limitations, it also has the ability to reduce the stall duration when the user hands-off from a high-bit rate connection (e.g. UMTS) to a low bit-rate (e.g. EDGE or GPRS) connection. Mobile Webcast facilitates introducing new video services, from Video on Demand and live channels through to Internet video, simply and at optimal quality.