Swisscom switches to 3Com network

3Com has signed a deal to provide network equipment to Swisscom.

The carrier is moving to a network built entirely on 3Com kit over a period of four years.

The project has reportedly moved Swisscom from ATM to Ethernet technology and reduced the complexity of its network management.

According to the company, Swisscom is using 3Com Switches 775X (modular access switch), 5500G and 5500 (stackable Ethernet switches), S750X (modular 10-Gigabit switch) and the 3Com Router 5000. In addition, the company provides a variety of professional and support services.

The operator's service contract with 3Com is understood to provide replacements if routers or switches fail. In addition, 3Com develops and designs new projects and provides a resident engineer for emergencies, the company said.