Swisscom taps Sicap for iPhone launch

Sicap signed a deal to help Swisscom prepare the 3G i-Phone for its launch. Its network-based billing platform will support the Swiss operator's prepaid offering.

A Wireless News report also said billing solutions firm Sicap responded to the marketing demands of Swisscom by implementing innovative packages for i-Phone services on the operator billing platform.

Used in the Swisscom network since 1996, Sicap's billing platform has evolved in line with network evolution and today supports real time diameter-based data rating in an all-IP network environment.

The Sicap rating solution has assisted the Swisscom packaging of the 3G i-Phone. Customers are offered a choice of subscription types, ranging from subscription-free service rates for pre-paid users to volume data transfer offers for avid mobile web surfers, likely to be seduced by the synching capabilities and the embedded GPS navigation tool in the device.