Swisscom ties tariffs to data rates

Swisscom is experimenting with a new take on ‘all you can eat’ bundles, with a range of unlimited tariffs that differentiate on data speed rather than consumption.
The Natel infinity bundles comprise five tariffs costing between 59 Swiss francs (€49.12) per month and 169 francs, each of which offers unlimited domestic voice calls, text messaging and data access. However, the plans let subscribers choose the data rate they receive, with choices ranging from sub 1-Mb to 100-Mb.
Swisscom predicts the new approach will encourage mobile internet usage by making it easier for consumers to understand the service they will receive relative to per-Mb pricing approaches. It claims charging by call duration and data volume is quickly becoming an outdated model, as subscribers demand access to a growing range of web services on their mobile.
The telco is also working on an overhaul of its youth subscription packages, and planning a new range of non-Internet tariffs.