SwissQual flourishes away from Spirent

SwissQual, the Swiss network quality measurement company, has just recorded its strongest first half year for orders since the company was formed in 2000. The half year saw an increase over the same period in the previous year of more than 50%.  
Peter Beadle, SwissQual's VP Global Sales, said, "This strong performance follows the last quarter of 2007. We thought that we had put in a good performance then when we recorded an order intake that was more than 50% higher than the previous strongest quarter in company history. This result shows that that performance was not just a fluke."

SwissQual became independent of Spirent a year ago and in the first half of this year launched several new products including a solution to benchmark WiMAX.
SwissQual'S CEO, John May, commented, "Network quality is our business. We don't do anything else. Operators"&brkbar;are also starting to realise that SwissQual offers them an evolutionary solution that is able to address all of their network's quality measurement needs from the original roll out through to maturity - without major discontinuity or cost."