Switzerland files complaint to win country domain names

Swiss authorities have filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization, in an attempt to win the rights to Switzerland's identity in cyberspace, an AFP report said.


The report said the Federal Chancellery was seeking control of the Internet domain names schweiz.ch, suisse.ch and svizzera.ch, which meant "Switzerland" in the country's majority German, and minority French and Italian, respectively.


The report said that since 1999, the United Nations' intellectual property body had been empowered to settle disputes over ownership of Internet names.


The report further said the three Swiss names, registered in 1995, directed Internet users to a Web site ran by Zurich engineer Stefan Frei, which sold accessories marked with the country's red and white flag, plus patriotic images for mobile telephone screens and a ringtone version of the national anthem.


The report said the Swiss government planned to create an official Internet portal in all four of the country's official languages to go alongside the existing site admin.ch.