Symbian beats iPhone to top mobile ad rating

Another indication that the Symbian OS has not been defeated by competing upstarts from Apple and Google is its achievement of being rated No. 1 in a report into mobile advertising click through rates (CTR).

While CTR ranking can be open to interpretation, the latest Mobile Advertising Metrics report by Smaato showed the average CTR on ads for all mobile platforms set to 100. Symbian was by far the leading platform with a score of 161, while the iPhone got a lower score of 119.

Commenting on the rating, Symbian said: "Naturally, it's very encouraging to see Symbian excel in the click through rates--a statistic that certainly reinforces our leading position in the smartphone market. The high rate of click throughs will be in no small part due to the flexibility and level and interaction available on our platform."

However, according to statistics released today by Bango, a mobile analytics and payment specialist, 83 per cent of brands do not use mobile specific analytic tools, leading to inaccurate data on campaigns performance. Even more surprising, 27 per cent admit to not implementing any analytics in their mobile campaigns.

Regardless, Bango said that a survey of brands, agencies and specialist mobile providers indicated that over 90 per cent said they will increase their mobile advertising investment in 2010.

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