T-Mobile aims to expand US presence after winning wireless licenses

T- Mobile is set to expand its presence on the US market after winning the most licenses in a Federal Communications Commission auction of advanced wireless services, a Xinhua News Agency report said.

In the auction initiated by the US FCC, T-Mobile bid some $4.2 billion for 120 licenses, including regional rights for large parts of the US, the Xinhua report said.

The German giant also won individual licenses for major cities, such as New York and Chicago, the report said.

T-Mobile could now significantly expand its business in the US, the report added.

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is currently No. 4 in the US market.

The FCC's four-week auction of advanced wireless service spectrum licenses brought a total revenue of $13.9 billion.

The AWS licenses could be used to provide a wide range of wireless services and technologies, including voice, data, video and other wireless broadband services offered over 3G mobile networks, the report said.