T-Mobile and Nokia sign web collaboration deal

European cell phone users could benefit from a deal struck between T-Mobile and Nokia to offer faster and easier access to all of T-Mobile's Web'n'walk Internet services as well as Nokia's Ovi web tool. The hopes are that the collaboration deal will bring more consumers to mobile Internet communities, which includes T-Mobile's MyFaves service--already available to T-Mobile customers--as well as offering more web-enabled tools to people on the go. The agreement could bring to a close a period in which mobile network operators, notably T-Mobile, have been at odds with handset makers over which is the best place to provide such services.

Nokia said it would modify its handsets to integrate T-Mobile services, which the company claims fit well with Ovi. Nokia launched its Ovi platform last year and has since signed deals with music industry companies including Sony BMG and Universal Music as well as other European mobile operators that include Vodafone, Telefonia, Telecom Italia Mobile and France Telecom's Orange mobile unit.

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