T-Mobile cuts data tariff by 50%

In another effort to kick-start mobile Internet services, T-Mobile UK has taken the axe to its data tariffing and cut the rate by 50 percent, or €0.33 a day. However, there's a big catch--this tempting offer is only for a five-day trial period to those wanting to experience the pleasures of mobile surfing.

Strictly aimed at its pay-as-you-go customer base, T-Mobile claims this Web'n'Walk five-day pass is available with unlimited access on over 40 types of phones. "It is perfect for people who simply want to dip in and out of the Internet on their phone. You get unlimited web browsing on the Internet for a great price and without any hidden costs," said Richard Warmsley, head of 'Internet on the move' at T-Mobile.

The company said that its Web'n'Walk service had been upgraded to allow customers to personalise mobile web pages in the same way as they could on a computer. With Web'n'Walk 3.0 consumers will also be able to access favourite websites with a single click.

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