T-Mobile goes aggressive--mimics winners' tactics

Having lagged behind the market for some years, T-Mobile UK has launched a price-cutting war offering to better any deal from rival mobile networks. The offensive, which the company hopes will see it lifted from fourth in the league table, mimics the highly successful SIM-only deals pioneered recently by O2 and Vodafone. T-Mobile's UK chief executive, Jim Hyde, claims that this new initiative will grab the attention of customers given that voice minutes remain the #1 issue. "The biggest application of mobile is still voice, and for those customers one of the biggest pain points is 'I signed up for a tariff last week and now I open up the newspaper and there's a better offer with more minutes for my money.'"

Whether this belated move by T-Mobile will lift the lacklustre image that presently surrounds the company is questionable. Network coverage is still perceived by many as poor and the company has failed to achieve a marketing success since it launched its Flext tariffs two years ago, which won customers from O2, Orange and Vodafone.

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