T-Mobile Jukebox without copy protection

T Mobile in Germany and Austria is offering its customers unrestricted access to music, lifting the copy protection (DRM – Digital Rights Management) on all tracks in its Mobile Jukebox music store.
It has reached agreement with three of the top four record companies and all key independent labels, so now customers can now choose from approximately two million DRM-free tracks for dual download to PC and mobile phone. Customers are free to use the music they have purchased on any of their digital devices including standard MP3 players.
All tracks purchased from Mobile Jukebox before June 4 remain protected by DRM, but customers can download them again, under the "My Music" deal, as usual, designed to ensure that if a customer replaces their phone they can keep their music.
Mobile Jukebox is available on over 200 mobile phone models. With around two million songs and more than 200,000 albums, It offers a portfolio from pop, rock, hip-hop, dance, soul, R&B, jazz, and classical, to traditional folk music.

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