Is T-Mobile's EDGE upgrade to support new iPhone?

For a network technology that had been forgotten by most, EDGE has gone through a miracle rebirth with the deployment of version 1 of Apple's iPhone handset. But for T-Mobile to spend the time and disruption upgrading its entire German network--20,000 base stations, to support EDGE does seem somewhat excessive given that the 3G iPhone launch is only weeks away.

Perhaps the 'evidence' that the new 3G iPhone will also support EDGE is a clue to this massive investment by T-Mobile--providing users that purchase a 3G iPhone with a fallback option when they move out of 3G coverage. Does this mean that T-Mobile would rather upgrade its network to support EDGE rather than provide a 100 percent nationwide 3G service?

The report that the 3G iPhone can switch to EDGE comes from a cell phone hacker who managed to decrypt the latest firmware upgrade to the existing EDGE-based iPhone, implying that Apple will be using the same firmware for both models--assuming the EDGE iPhone remains in production.

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