T-Mobile works with rivals to divert EU threat

Fearing that the EU will again force mobile operators in Europe to cut prices has seen T-Mobile instigate discussions with its European competitors. The proposed deal would see the larger operators agree to reduce the network charges made to carry each others mobile Internet traffic in the hope of averting an enforced price cut from Brussels.

Regardless of this initiative, several operators, including Telefonica and Vodafone, have already reduced their mobile roaming data prices, and T-Mobile is expected to unveil next week a new wholesale regime to be adopted by the networks it partners with around Europe. Observers expect that this move by T-Mobile will see end-user pricing drop accordingly.

However, the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph has reported that Vodafone CEO, Arun Sarin, has hit out at regulators' criticisms. "The data roaming market is very competitive," Sarin said. "Six months ago we brought out a €12 all-you-can-eat-a-day roaming tariff; T-Mobile, Telefonica and others have other competitive products of their own. There will be no need for any regulation… I don't see any need for interference here."

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