T-Systems wins German mobile TV frequencies

Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems won control of German radio frequencies allotted for the DVB-H mobile television broadcast standard in Germany, the country's networks regulator, quoted by a Reuters report, said.

The Reuters report further quoted regulator Matthias Kurth as saying that 'the awarding of the DVB-H frequencies is a further decisive step for mobile television in Germany'.

Kurth said building of the DVB-H network would begin in early 2008 and that Germany's state capitals should be connected by the end of 2008, the report said.

Coverage should reach 90% of the German population by 2015, far too late to achieve the widespread mobile viewing of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Euro 2008 soccer championship that had been hoped for, the report added.

It has not yet been decided who will build the network.