Tablets tipped for m-banking success

Growing user acceptance of “push” mobile banking and a sharp rise in tablet adoption will bring the number of users of transactional tablet banking services to almost 200 million in 2017, according to a new report from Juniper Research.
This will represent approximately 19% of total mobile banking customers in 2017, more than twice the 9% this year, as consumers engage in increasingly mobile lifestyles, Juniper said.
The report finds that tablet users’ adoption of bill presentment and payment (MBPP) transactional banking will be higher than that mobile handset users', especially in the developed areas where tablets are most popular.
"With online payments accounting for a significant proportion of all bill payments, especially in developed markets, BPP (bill presentment and payment) transactions will indeed migrate from the desktop towards tablet devices,” said report author Nitin Bhas.
“Consumers often prefer managing bill payment and transactions via tablet devices compared to smartphones.”
Juniper said the number of mobile banking users will exceed 1 billion in 2017, representing 15% of global mobile handset users.