Tablets used like regular PCs

Consumers’ use of tablets is closer to desktop PCs than mobile devices in terms of the sites they visit, mobile web optimization firm Flash Networks claims.
Analysis of mobile internet traffic in Western Europe and Asia Pacific in March reveals tablet users are more likely to browse shopping and news sites than people using smartphones. The figures show 13% of people shop via tablet compared to 6% on smartphones, while 11% browse news sites on the devices versus 4% on smartphones (see fig.1)
Flash Networks reasons the split suggests consumers are using tablets more like traditional PCs than mobile devices. The firm’s figures certainly show a more even spread in the services accessed on tablets compared to smartphones, usage of which is dominated by social networks – accessed by 46% of users compared to 19% on tablets.
Analysts at Canalys recently noted tablet shipments grew the fastest year-on-year in 1Q, relative to notebooks and smartphones. Tablet shipments grew 106% to 41.9 million units, with Apple still topping the charts with a market share of 46.4%, despite losing ground to Android-based rivals for the third quarter in a row.
[Caption] Smartphone vs. tablet

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